Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Weaver Fever

I saw a post on facebook about learning to weave and thought that it would be good to try something new ... after all you can never know too many crafts!
So I signed up for the Devon Sun Yarns Weaver Fever club and eagerly awaited my first package.

Oh and what a great package it was!
A little wooden lap loom with a wooden comb, wooden shuttle and a wooden shed, along with two little dowel sticks for hanging the finished weaving, and the most gorgeous yarn ....

Not only is it so very pretty but it is sooo soft and tactile!
Well my first attempt didn't go so well!  Well it did, but it didn't! 
I threaded the loom up and wove a complete piece only to find that I'd threaded it wrong
and couldn't get the piece of weaving off!  Oops! 
So I had to cut all the warp threads as I couldn't un-weave it without doing so!
Second attempt - oh so much better!  This time I double checked how to thread up the wee loom and I got it right! 
Ta-dah ....

Isn't it pretty?
I made little tassels to go on the warp thread at the bottom and below where I threaded the dowelling through at the top - that way it was more secure for me!

What do you think?