Thursday, 13 February 2014

February Irene

I'm feeling rather pleased with myself.  Today I have sat down and completed my blocks for February for the Goodnight Irene sew-along.

I thought I'd share my five blocks with you ... actually five and a half ... as a I got carried away with sewing the 2 1/2" squares together!

The X blocks work in progress ...

And my three completed X's ...

I do love how this block works - it is really quite simple to do and so effective.
My two completed 2 1/2" squares blocks and the half one that I got carried away with!
Don't they look lovely and bright (they'd look brighter in daylight too!)
And I've been playing with the little triangle bits left over from the X blocks ...

I do hate to throw any bit of fabric away!
I am loving this sew-along.  The pattern is brilliant, and I found myself browsing jelly-rolls earlier and thought how nice it would look in creams and pale beiges ....!   


Monday, 3 February 2014

Cutting Irene and Exhausted Battery

I spent Friday cutting all the squares for Goodnight Irene as I really wanted to get it started before the end of January.  I was so proud of myself as actually not only did I cut the squares out but I sewed my five blocks too!

However when I came to take a photo the camera's battery was exhausted and I couldn't even take the pictures!

So here, for starters are the photos I did manage to take before the camera conked out on me ... all my squares cut and ready to go ...

And will you look at that ... the jelly roll which I thought was just a brightly coloured roll is actually a Kaffe Fassett!  So I'm feeling a little sheepish that I didn't realise - but also quite excited that I'm actually going to use Kaffe Fassett's fabric in my quilt!
*   *   *
Now, without further ado I will prove that I have completed the five blocks - just wish I could prove that it was last Friday - the 31 January - when I made them!

What do you think?  I like them and am really pleased with them - and I think the mauvey main colour works quite well against the bright Kaffe Fassett jelly-roll!

So ... ready for the next step....

*   *   *