Thursday, 13 February 2014

February Irene

I'm feeling rather pleased with myself.  Today I have sat down and completed my blocks for February for the Goodnight Irene sew-along.

I thought I'd share my five blocks with you ... actually five and a half ... as a I got carried away with sewing the 2 1/2" squares together!

The X blocks work in progress ...

And my three completed X's ...

I do love how this block works - it is really quite simple to do and so effective.
My two completed 2 1/2" squares blocks and the half one that I got carried away with!
Don't they look lovely and bright (they'd look brighter in daylight too!)
And I've been playing with the little triangle bits left over from the X blocks ...

I do hate to throw any bit of fabric away!
I am loving this sew-along.  The pattern is brilliant, and I found myself browsing jelly-rolls earlier and thought how nice it would look in creams and pale beiges ....!   



  1. Thank you so much Lynn. I am using up fabric I already have and also wanted darker X's. That one was the one that best fitted!

  2. Your blocks are looking good! :0)

    1. Thanks Terry! I'm loving this pattern.

  3. Love your blocks. They look fabulous. Hugs,xx

  4. Terry is the best and she makes life fun!

  5. Love your blocks. I was saving the bits of leftovers to make something with the half square triangles but I threw them away because I just wanted to get my quilt done.