Sunday, 24 April 2016

Technology hate-ology it

I have had a lot of "stuff" going on here.

It has meant an extreme lack of posts  on here. Not good, especially as I'd planned to post at least once every two weeks.  That certainly hasn't happened.

Then, the other week I decided to come back and post on here ... Only to find I couldn't access my blog! I could see it all it's glory but couldn't post to it!  No posts. Nothing. Na da!


Enter a frustrated Lucy.

I have now spent, what I reckon has been, at least an hour and a half trying to figure out why?  And how I could access it?  Oh my word!  I could cry with frustration over the amount of sites and passwords, and email accounts and more passwords I have had to enter and remember, re-enter, and so on and so on, etcetera etcetera...!

And finally! I am back!