Saturday, 15 March 2014

The REAL Knot Bag ...

I can finally put the photos up of the final Knot Bag I made and sent as it has been received now!

I chose two Japanese-style fabrics that were of the same print but different colour-ways as I wanted to make the bag reversible.  All the recipient had requested was browny pinky shades.

So here are the pictures ...

Complete with my little label - which I think gives it more of a professional look
and also says it's ME who made it!

Peeking inside

And as it's reversible - the other colour-way ....

Which colour-way do you prefer?

And inside this way round ...

And the bottom! 
I top-stitched all round it and the handles to give it more of a polished finish. 
I am rather pleased with the finished product  

And even better - the lady in Canada who received it - said it was perfect!
Woo hoo!
*     *     *


  1. It looks a lovely bag, such pretty fabric and beautifully made, loved the photos

    1. Thank you Shirley! I love the fabric too - in fact I have a bit of a thing for all Japanese style fabrics!| x

  2. Very nice I love the pinks! Well done x

    1. Thank you Laura. I think the pink colour-way is my favourite too! x