Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Fashion Show

It's a fashion show - but the kind that my younger self would have loved (although there still is a bit of that little girl in me as I love "playing"!

When I was little it was Sindy and Barbie dolls. 
I think there was a kind of doll war going on between them as to which was the most popular. 
 For me it was Sindy all the way!

Nowadays it seems that Barbie has won the doll war
as I don't think I've seen a Sindy for a few years now. 
Although Barbie had better watch out as Monster High seems to be the place to be ...

I used to spend hours playing with my Sindy dolls - and I had a few - including two of my mum's!
They all had names and their own personalities. 
I loved dressing them and making up stories! 
I remember one year my dad made me a big wooden wardrobe and painted it pink
 - and it was much bigger than the ones you could buy. 
My Nanny must have spent hours at the sewing machine
as she had made me absolutely loads of clothes to go in my new wardrobe - my idea of Sindy heaven!

So when my own little girl got into dolls - and by then Barbie had the edge - I was in my element! 
I spent so many evenings leading up to one Christmas with my knitting needles
knitting a whole load of clothes - I had so much fun!
Sadly I don't know where all of her dolls and clothes went. 
 Mine I remember giving to a God-daughter
when I was in my early twenties (I saved them for that long!). 
 Actually I feel awful saying that I regret giving them away -
 I should have kept them - perhaps for Alexandra
- or perhaps for me to have a sneaky regression back to my childhood!

So, I thought I'd give knitting a few a go to see if there are any little girls around now
 that love their dolls as much as I did.

I'd made a couple a while back - of which one set went at a Craft Fair
and then the other has been in The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit at The Emporium. 
 At the end of the summer holidays a young lady and her mum came in to buy it. 
They said they'd seen it the day before and loved it - and that they'd taken my card. 
I said that I was thinking of making a few more ...
 and the young lady's eyes lit up and her mum was nodding saying "oh that would be great"
 ... so out came the knitting needles!

So here is my Autumn fashion range so far!

I thought it would look better with photos of them being worn - what do you think?

I must admit - I've had fun!
All outfits knitted so far have been from the website - there are tons and tons and tons of lovely patterns there!
*   *   *
On another matter - completely different - I've crocheted a pair of these

In some lovely soft grey speckled yarn
as I've recently heard some very exciting news!  Can't say anymore right now as it's not been publicised that much yet ... but just to say ... I am so EXCITED!!!!!


  1. Love the fashions, I was always a sindy girl, the brunette one. I think sindy got taken over by Barbie, such a shame. Loved my one for years. Enjoy the creating, I,m making baby doll size clothes for grandchildren

  2. Love the clothes very sweet xx

  3. I was a sindy girl to....having all boys now tho it is all a distant memory... Really enjoyed your fashion show and this post