Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sewing and Knitting the Blues

I have been working on some commissions and other things and they are blue (well most of them)!


There are two bags that I am making for the baby boy who had the first lot of personalised bunting.  He's having a P.E. style bag and a bigger (probably bucket style) bag for when he goes to nursery.

I have been playing around with ideas in my head and have decided to go for a blue and stars theme.

I am going to add his name and some other bits.

They'll probably be added tomorrow. 
But in the meantime I am loving these! 
Blue is one of my favourite colours and you know when you like a colour
- it just makes you smile and feel good!
Look at my backside! 
 He he!
 Look at the back of the work - I'm so chuffed with myself as it is looking so neat.

So that's one in production.

The next has been finished.  This is for a good friend of mine's son.

He was after a waterproof lined swimming bag. 
I gave him a choice of fabric after he'd said he wanted blue and stars. 
(That made me realise how many blue starry fabric I have!)

These are what I'm using for the ties - and they are from The Resource Centre in Yeovil 
and their facebook page is

This is a fab place ... a treasure trove for crafters! 
I love it here and end up spending quite a bit
with ideas just brimming in my head as to what projects to utilise the treasures I have bought!

With those adjustable woggle thingy-a-ma-gigs!  What are they called?!

I do hope he likes it!

So that's the bits I've been sewing.
I've been knitting as well!  And I have the perfect model in mind!
This one was finished first.  It is the next size up of the Beyond Puerperium cardigan that I love. 
This one is 6-12 months.
And this one isn't blue ... but in a snazzy green combination.

Jack's dad (my brother) loves green, and him and his girlfriend both want bright for Jack
- so this fitted both in my mind!

And with buttons (bright green to match!)

I absolutely love this pattern!  The link for it is here .... 
It is a fantastic design by the very talented Kelly Brooker
I hope to make more of her designs soon. 
Although (whispering here)
 ... she messaged me and asked - as I was such a Beyond Puerperium fan -
if I would test the new pattern format out for it! 
Woo hoo!  Another shoot at the fab BP!

And this is all I had left out of the 100g ball of Stylecraft Merry Go Round yarn in Peacock

And now for the final blue item in this post ...

I saw this advert on the site and thought I'd have a nose.   

Only to find the cutest jumper!  I decided there and then that I wanted to join in the KAL (although it had already started by then!)  by another fab designer 

I chose some Stylecraft Special DK that was already in my stash

A gorgeous turquoise and pure white for the polar bear!
Work in progress!

Nearly there ...

And ta-dah ...

Isn't it cute?! 

I embroidered his eyes and nose on. 

Can't wait to see Jack in it (and in the BP too!)
~~ * * * * * ~~


  1. Such lovely projects beautifully made. What do you use for the waterproof lining for the swimming bag please

  2. Thank you!

    I used an Ikea shower curtain that we'd bought the other weekend specifically for this purpose!

  3. What a clever idea, thank you :)

  4. love these projects x