Monday, 5 October 2015

comMISSION completed .... at last!

Do you remember the blue stars I was piecing together a little while ago? 
The two bags that I'd been commissioned to make.

Well I have .... at long last ... finished them! 

So many things have happened to delay these bags being finished.  Family stuff; broken sewing machine; illnesses; lost cutter .... you wouldn't believe it!
BUT finally they are both finished and have been given to Noah's Mummy,
ready for when he starts Nursery.

This is the PE style bag that have a drawstring top - ideal for PE kits; swimming gear; trainers ...

The bigger bag I wanted to make roomy enough to fit everything and the kitchen sink in. 
 I wanted to make pockets so items like wipes and bottles could be placed in separate pockets.

And I wanted to continue the bright stars theme into the pockets - so the grey pocket edges were bound with bright yellow fabric with equally bright coloured stars on. 
The lining of the bag was bright yellow!

I quilted the main bag as I wanted it to be sturdy yet soft.
So after appliqueing on Noah's name and rocket ships I quilted "in the ditch" of the squares.

The handles I made with one of the patchwork squares fabric with stars, moons and suns on. 
I brought the red from Noah's name into the stitching down the sides - and these too were padded to make them more comfortable.

I also made them long enough for Mummy to have over her shoulder or on the handles of the buggy.

The base had to be sturdy too - so that it would sit nicely if placed on the floor. 
It also meant it would be easier to pack and to find things.

The base was an elongated oval shape.
I wanted the bag to be rounded and not angular so making the ends slightly curved worked.
Lots of stitching to hold it in place!
See how many pockets it has!  And how bright!

Oh and a little bit of Homer in the photo too (above). 
He thought I'd gone out to play - not take photos!

I don't think Noah will have any problem finding his bag!  I also think with his name on these and on his bunting he's going to learn his name very quickly.

What made this commission even greater is that I finally got to meet Noah and his Mummy! 
 They came into The Emporium on Thursday morning and collected their bags.
It was so nice to be able to put a face to the name and to meet the absolutely gorgeous Noah
(he has the biggest brown eyes ever!)
AND they liked the bags!
~~~ *** ~~~


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