Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Handmade Hugs

I absolutely love making things!  Especially blankets and quilts.  
To me they are cosy and warm, and a hug of handmade love.

I can remember being poorly when I was young and having to stay off school.  My mum had two blankets that were invariably used when we were laid poorly in bed or on the sofa. One was a knitted blanket made of squares of garter stitch worked diagonally across the square.  So starting with one stitch and increasing each row to get the diagonal width and then decreased back down to one stitch.  The other one was a crochet granny square blanket.  These two blankets represented my mum's love and care for my brother and I.  I just loved tracing the colours and squares on these blankets.

So that feeling of security and love has attached itself to every blanket that I make.  They are all made with the hope that they are going to be used to cuddle up in.

I think that is why I make so many!

At the moment I am crocheting three blankets.  One is all purples - using up my purple oddments.  

The second is The Spice of Life CAL.  This has been sat in my ravelry library for quite some time now.   

 I knew which colours I wanted to use - I wanted to go down the spicy colours.  They are all Stylecraft DK and have been sat in a bag for some time too!

I love this pattern!  It has worked up really quickly. 
 It has kept me intrigued with all the different stitches and I think that is why I've completed so much!
I only started it last week and I'm nearly done with the main body of it, 
and once that's finished I just have to make the border.  
This pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spice-of-life-blanket 
is by Sandra Paul from Cherry Heart 
You really should pop over and check out all her wonderful creations!

I am participating in two other Crochet Alongs - these are for this year.  I will post more about them soon.

PS  Charity Donation Update Total

3 x bags
1 x big box

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