Sunday, 6 July 2014

Football Crazy, Football Mad ...

In our house we have four rather football mad boys (including Jonathan!).  They are all sorely disappointed that England are no longer in the running.  Why is it that we never seem to get that far?  It's quite exasperating sitting on the sofa willing them to get on with it and score a goal ... and win their group ... but no, it's not to be!  :-(

Anyway, the boys are still keen on their football.  Matthew is a Yeovil supporter - our local team, and has the home and away kit that he frequently wears.  Luke is after an England shirt with his name on it for his birthday this month.

Well in Primark today Jonathan spotted some England shirts (not the real deal obviously) reduced.  They are men's, so rather big, but we thought we could put my boys' names on them with a transfer and hey presto - they have personalised England shirts for £2.00 each!

What do you think?
Cool, eh?!
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  1. They look great. Where do you get your transfers from

  2. Thank you!

    The transfers are really old. Jonathan has had them for years, so not sure where he got them from. I have bought some myself a couple of years back on ebay.

  3. very cool... I might do this for my boys x

  4. Thanks for popping by ayarnyrobin! My boys love their t-shirts!