Thursday, 26 June 2014

Where I am from

As I am sure many bloggers do, I like to read other like-minded people's blogs.  I visited
Where am I from... Sew Outside the Lines blog

I am from plaits & pony-tails, from Weetbix and Milo. 
I am from long driveways & Cul de sacs, 
creeks, patios & carports, sheet-cubbies, swinging from monkey bars, 
kids on bikes, no shoes & the smell of freshly mown grass on a Sunday morning. 
I am from pansies along footpaths, pebbles in pockets, Pohutukawa on beaches, 
violets and volcanoes.
 I am from bowls of Grannies trifle, laughing in the face of disaster, from Ruby & Ted and Miri & Gibby 
and Stella. 
I am from sewn, knitted & crocheted clothes, lemonade iceblocks when you’re sick. From, do unto others as you would have them do unto you 
and Mickey Mouse lives in derelict houses on the side of hills. 
I am from trips to the beach after Sunday School, heritage lost through misunderstanding. I'm from the land of the long white cloud, whale riders and farmers, 
sand in my salad, meat with 3 veg. 
From the Tiki thrown away by Hiki & the bad luck that followed, 
the twin girl they called Darkie who wasn’t meant to survive and out lived them all, 
a little brother setting light to the hay shed with his toilet paper cigarettes. 
I am from memories & stories, cups of tea, 
photos & buttons in suitcases under the bed, Grannies voice in a safe place,
treasures that you can’t take with you which are kept & shared. 
Me 8yrs

 While having a little downtime yesterday I came across this writing exercise and thought you might like to give it go. If you do please let me know so I can share where you're from.
It was the strangest thing - everytime I went to write something it was me at 8 doing so.
What a lovely idea.  I'm going to have a mull over this and see what I can come up with ....
Oh and by the way, do go and visit - it's a lovely blog, and you should see her knitting patterns - fantastic!
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