Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Art of Doing Many Jobs at the same time ...

I am a Gemini.  I am sure that is why I like to do lots of things at once, I get bored easily and like to keep my mind interested.

Like cooking tea tonight - I'm not content with just doing a new recipe (well I've never cooked Moussaka before - and to confuse me even more we didn't have lamb mince so I used beef!) I decided to do two new recipes.  I had seen a post on either facebook or Pinterest with a recipe for Lemony Lemon Brownies - well we all love Brownies and Luke in particular loves lemon - so I thought I'd try them.  Then I noticed the pears were on the turn - so decided to poach them too.

Can you imagine the mess I made?!

But I must say the Moussaka and the Lemony Lemon Brownies were YUMMY!

Today has not been any different with the art of juggling ...

1 I have been quilting a cot quilt that is to go into The Emporium unit.

2 I am crocheting a star motif bag - also - hopefully to go into The Emporium.

3  I am making an Owl Bag - also - funnily enough - to go into The Emporium

 My owl's feathery tummy

4 And am also painting some new shelves to go up in the unit.  I am going to have a bigger shelf unit in the window - hopefully to provide a more wow factor and have more of my creations on show at the shop front.  I am painting each shelf a different colour - well my colours - so teal, duck egg blue, blues and pale green.

from one end

And the shelves from the other end
I have two more to paint here (which I have now done).
I think the shelves are looking particularly good - and not just because they're in "my" colours!
Now ... I'm shattered ... time to sit down and do ... nothing ... no!  Crochet will be on the go tonight!
*   *   *   *   *

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