Thursday, 26 June 2014

So excited ....

I have sold a few of my creations!

Is it sad to feel really excited about this?

My bright turquoise crochet cot blanket with bright yellow/lime green/white and orange circles all over has sold!  It is such a nice feeling to think that someone has gone into The Emporium and bought MY blanket!

(It is the one in this picture).
I had an ultrasound scan at the hospital today - and no! Before anyone asks - I am not pregnant!  It was a scan on my shoulder.  I have, for years, had a dodgy left shoulder which will flare up every so often.  About a month or so ago I was in a terrible state with it as I can barely move it within acute pain shooting round the shoulder.  The doctor referred me to go and have an ultrasound on it.
I was also supposed to have a cortisone injection on it last Wednesday - but in the midst of being rather poorly with another bug that seems to have struck the adults of this family - I missed it!  I will be honest I was dreading it and had already postponed the original appointment.  I'd had one over twelve years ago on the same shoulder and it wasn't a very nice experience and I nearly passed out.  Hence the hesitation in going again!
Anyway, the doctor who scanned it today said there was inflammation around the socket joint which is what is causing the pain.  I wonder what it would have looked like if I'd had the scan when I was in the really bad pain - I've been quite lucky and the strong painkillers I was prescribed seem to have been quite effective in taking the acute pain away and just left me with a slight niggle of a pain.  And guess what he is going to recommend ... a cortisone injection!
After the trip to the hospital Jonathan and I went into town to get a few bits, and then called into The Emporium.  Usually Thursday mornings is my stint in there, but I'd been told not to worry going in as I had the scan.  However, I thought I'd just show my face and have a check on my unit.  And that's when I discovered I'd sold the turquoise crochet blanket! 
And what's more, whilst we were there, a couple was looking at the doggy draught excluder (he's just in the photo below) and commenting on how they liked it and that it was different ... and they bought him!  Woo hoo! 
Looks like bright and bold is in!
So, I am, today feeling a very happy bunny!
*   *   *

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