Monday, 2 June 2014

"Juggling June"

I think that June is going to have to be renamed as Juggling June.

It's another day of doing many things ...

I have painted the other side of the shelves - so all of them are now painted.  I just need to do the long side pieces and then it can be put together.

I quilted more of the little Teddy quilt only to find that my machine does not like it and keep buckling all the thread up behind - after sewing really well yesterday.  So I may well decide to hand-quilt that one after all.  I do actually prefer hand-quilting as I think it looks more authentic, but had thought I'd machine quilt so I could do it quicker.  Less spend, eh?!

Three postcards were received today.  I take part in a wonderful scheme called Postcrossing.

It's fantastic and very addictive.  You sign up - for free - and are given five addresses to send postcards to.  Then once yours are received your address will then be given out and you will start to receive postcards.  You can also send another once yours has been received, and gradually the number you can have travelling at one time increases.

Look at the cards I received today ...

What is great too is that you have your own profile and you can list what sort of postcards you'd like to receive and hopefully the person who gets your address chooses a postcard they think will suit you.  And likewise when you're sending yours out. 

In our house there are five of us taking part - myself, Jonathan, Katie (Jonathan's daughter) and my two boys Luke and Adam.  It is a fantastic way to receive lovely post and not those dreaded brown envelopes!  I also think it teaches the children about the world.

I am also - finally - managing to post a swap parcel.  It's a monthly swap I'm involved with on within the So Many Books, So Little Time forum.  This month was a cooking related one.  So my lime green themed goodies have been packaged up and are on their way to the USA.  One of the criteria was to knit a dishcloth.  Oh my word!  Something so simple - and I had to frog it about five times as I kept going wrong!

A birthday card and a little present have been wrapped up and are their way to Germany.

Honestly, there's not enough hours in the day!

*   *   *

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