Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas is coming ....

It has now reached the time of year when there are lots of Craft Fairs and Fetes, after all Christmas is coming!

I love creating little items for Christmas.  I like to make things that are suitable for presents and I also like to make the specifically Christmassy items.  I have my old favourites - little patchwork balls that I have made for years and years - in fact since I was at school; fabric crackers.. and so on.

Then I also like to try out different things - which I have done so this past week or so. 

I have made little houses before.  In fact they are on a previous post on here.  This time I thought I'd make some that were Christmassy houses in Christmas fabric or at least Christmas colours.  I am rather pleased with the result ...

I particularly like this more cottagey style one.  On the other one the roof is a bit lost.

Then I saw some trees on Pinterest.  Oh they were lovely - just triangles with cinnamon stick trunks.  Aha ... time to use some of my Christmassy fabric scraps up and make patchwork trees.  I love the idea of using cinnamon sticks as the trunks as that's a really Christmassy scent.  Most of the time I stuff lavender into my creations as that's really my favourite scent.  However - I am also a big fan of spicy Christmassy smells and cinnamon definitely ticks the box there!

Sadly I am unable to go to one of the Craft Fairs I am booked in for.  I had a fall on Wednesday morning and have been in a bit of pain since with my left knee and my right ankle.  I thought I'd better get them checked out and it turns out I have successfully torn ligaments in both and need to rest up.

The Craft Fair I was booked to do tomorrow is in Bradworthy, near to where I used to live.  I do this one every year as firstly I lived that way and then because it gave me a great excuse (as if I need one) to go and stay the night before with my best friend who lives down there.  We get to catch up.  I do miss her.  She used to pop in at least once a week for a cup of tea and a good old chin-wag.

So these goodies will have to wait for next weekend.  I'll be making more for the other craft fairs and for The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit at The Emporium too.

*   *   *


  1. Lovely :) No wonder you were in pain. Torn ligaments sounds painful :( x

  2. Thanks Nat.

    I just feel rather a plonker to be honest! x

  3. The Christmas projects look lovely, hope you heal soon and out of pain even quicker xx

  4. love the cinnamon stick trees x
    Hope your on the mend soon