Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Commissions ... it's all in the name ...

I am finally able to get on here and show you two of the recent commissions I have made.

I was asked back in February if I would make a taggy blanket for a little baby girl named Betsy.  The lady had seen my normal taggy blankets (they're more like the size of a handkerchief with ribbons, ric-rac, etc round the outside as tags for the baby to feel). 
She wanted one that was more personal and wanted the name embroidered on it.

I do make taggy blankets but have never personalised one.  So this would be a new one for me!
She chose the fabric she liked for the back of it.  I tend to use nice cotton fabric on one side with fleece on the other to make it cosy.


So now to chose which fleece went best with the gorgeous bunny fabric.  I decided on the pale pink as I thought that matched the pale pink in the rabbits and also would be a great background for the embroidery.
Next choosing the ribbons etc to go with it.  I do like them to match the fabric I use as I think it ties it all together nicely.  So went for navy, white, pale pinks and coral colours.

Next the embroidery thread to match - a navy and a coral. 
I thought I'd do an outline in navy and fill it with the coral thread.
Aaah ... the first letter!  Always the scariest!

To make it more stable, as fleece is quite stretchy, I had bondaweb on the back.  This really did help!

The outline is done - now the filling in to do with a satin stitch in the pretty coral thread.

Finished name!  What do you think?  I thought it stood out really well and looked very effective.
And the finished taggy - both sides. 

The lady was really pleased with it and sent me a text saying it was absolutely beautiful. 
It is so nice to get great feed-back!
* * *
Then I had an email from a lady who'd just had a baby boy.  She'd seen The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit and said she loved everything I made!  And that she wondered if I'd make some personalised bunting for her new son.
Oh yes!  Of course I would!

She was really easy-going about what colours.  She wanted animals but said I could decide.  I tried to give her a choice - of bright fabrics or more muted shades of rust, beige and greens.  I then suggested that if she couldn't decide I could always do it double-sided with the brights on one side and the muted on the other - so then she'd have the choice and could change it as and when she fancied.
And that's what she went for!
So I now had to find a typeface and cut out the letters very carefully
(again with the help of bondaweb - I love that stuff!)

You may have guessed - his name is Noah!

I went for a bright orange for the muted shades as I felt it needed to stand out, and for the brights
I chose a black fabric which had white paw prints on as I felt it was quite apt and would go well.

I had to be extra careful that I laid it out right
so that it would read the right way once it was sewn together. 
 And there you go - Noah's bunting all finished!

His mummy loved it! 
She went for the muted shades to start with and thought she'd change to the brighter side as he grew.  She has also asked me if I would make him a personalised bag for when he goes to nursery! 
I am looking forward to coming up with a great bag for Noah!
*  *  *  *  *

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