Tuesday, 31 March 2015

It's Lambing Season ....

The lambs have grown in numbers! 

I have now made six in total - and have six odd socks now!!

What do you think?  I personally love them and think they're dead cute and sooo fluffy!

And here's the first two in situ at The Emporium ...

And not to be outdone I finished the four dolls too.

The one above and one below are the ones that the lady who commissioned me didn't want.  I made four because I wanted to give her a choice. So there were two bigger ones and two smaller.

And having asked me to make both dolls both blonde as the baby girls were, she'd discovered in the week that passed that the little girl (who was being christened and whom the bigger doll was for) had grown darker hair - so we changed her doll's hair too!

Hopefully it's now dark enough!

She also wanted their names on ribbons around their waists, so Nat from A Sweet Gift (Canned Candy) printed them off for me - another service they provide as well as yummy sweets. 
And just to add a little extra I made named necklaces with alphabet beads. 

I hope she likes them and that the girls do too!
Extra plug for my good friend Nat and her hubby who run A Sweet Gift
(also known as Canned Candy). 
They are now based at Molly's Den, Bridport. 
They will deliver locally around Yeovil .... so please check out their facebook page.

I am really excited and feel like a big kid ... we're off on a trip tomorrow. 
The boys don't know that we're going or where we're going.  
We are all going up to visit Harry Potter World!!!  http://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/ 
Can't wait!!!
*   *   *

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