Wednesday, 18 March 2015

February's Fibromyalgia Fog

February was not a particularly good month for me.

I have fibromyalgia and to the most part I have it under control.  I still get very tired and I know I have limits.  Usually I know how far I can push myself and if there is a possibility that I will suffer for what I'm doing.

Not a fantastic way to lead a life - but the way it has to be done.  I still live with pain almost every day - but now it's got to a sort of (if you can say it) bearable pain.

However February was not bearable at all.  For some reason the fibromyalgia took over with a vengeance.  The worst of the pains were my hands and wrists as this meant everything - and I mean everything - was so painful to do.  It also meant I had to rest up from crafting as the pain just made me want to cry.  This was the hardest part to take as if crafting goes then an enormous part of what makes me goes too. 

I admit I started looking very much on the black side of things and scared myself silly that this would be it from now on - and I'd lose that very vital part of ME.  It was really hard to deal with and to move beyond that mind set.

However I have managed it with love and care and slowly building myself up again - and with being medicated to the hilt with painkillers.  Thankfully now I'm just taking my regular drugs (that sounds bad, doesn't it?!!) and - touch wood - all seems under control again.

So - that explains my absence on here too.  I do have a few things to show you that I have made before and after the fibro episode - and will endeavour to post them on here very soon.

*  *  *


  1. So sorry you have to endure this pain Lucy but relieved to read it's receding now, more back in control and you can feel more back to your normal self. Xxx

  2. Lucy.. big hugs to you...glad to hear you are on the mend xx