Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Fluffy Sock Flock

I saw the cutest sheep on a site the other day and knew that I would just have to make them!

They are in the same concept as Sock Monkeys in that they're made out of socks - but these use those fluffy socks!  Literally one normal sock and one fluffy sock - so two fluffy sheep out of two pairs of socks!

So I raided Primark for their fluffy socks and bought some new plain white, and also plain black.  I've had the socks for a couple of weeks and to be honest haven't felt like making them.

However I have had a kind-of commission for a couple of dolls for a customer in The Emporium.  So I thought whilst I had the sewing machine out for the dolls I would make use of it and make my sheep as well. 

So firstly I had all this laid out ....

I've sewn round them and turned them the right way - I just want to pain their faces on now.  Oh and instead of just making two - I've gone for four!  Thought I'd have a little production line going!
Anyway, then the fun started with the fluffy Sock Flock ...
I've just made two to start with.  I thought I'd try the really fluffy sock - the pink one; and also the bobbly not so fluffy sock - the blue one to see what they came out like.

They both have different shaped faces which was entirely accidental but I do think it adds personality to them.  Just got to name them now .... hmmmm ... Larissa Lamb?  Larry Lamb?  What do you reckon?

Oh and here they are with their final touches - a nice ribbon and bell each.

And here's the original post http://www.craftpassion.com/2015/02/sew-sock-sheep.html.  Go and check it out and also all the other fab projects on there!
Now onto something entirely different - a little cardigan I've finished for my brother and his girlfriend.  They are expecting their first baby at the beginning of April. It is very exciting as we never thought we'd see the day when he became a dad - and here we are eagerly awaiting his baby!
This pattern is called "Beyond-Puerperium" 
(a hat to match!)
It is a beautiful pattern.  I've already made the Puerperium version which is newborn size.  I thought I'd make the next size up as I loved the pattern so much.  It is knitted from the neck down and has no sewing other than a tiny stitch under the arms and for the buttons.  Fantastic!  And it knits up ever so quickly.  I never knew I would knit so fast! 
Now the quandary is which buttons to choose ....

Which ones do you think look best?
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  1. Very cute sheep, what a clever idea using the fluffy socks. I looked up the link with the cardigan. Did you use a random dyed knit for the wool or put your own pattern into the cardigan? Looks very cute :)

  2. Thanks Shirley. I used a random dyed yarn King Cole Splash DK - Pasture (882) for it. I am rather into my variegated yarns at the moment!

    Do let me know if you make some fluffy sheep!!!

  3. Thank you for that. Yes I might have a go in a bit with the sheep for the grand babies.