Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fish 'n' Fingers

"Fingers" as in in fingerless gloves!

I've made some fingerless gloves to go into The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit at The Emporium.

I was reliably informed by the lovely Anne from Another Little World (the beauty treatment centre within The Emporium) that fingerless gloves always sold well where she used to work.

These were the first pair I made - with yet more Sirdar's Montana range!  They went in the unit last week and have already sold!

Don't you just love the colour changes within this yarn?! 
I love working with it as it just keeps me guessing as to how they will look when they're finished
 - and obviously someone else liked them too as they bought them!

My next pair - above - in progress. 

These I made up myself.  I did four repeats of the lace panel with 2 x 2 ribbing at the cuff.

I worked on both hands at the same time.
 I wanted to see if I could get an almost matching pair by starting them off with two balls of yarn. 
Recognise this one?  It's Custer from the Montana range - I knitted one of my slouchy beanie hats with it.

And there you go ... they fit me!
And I thought it might be good to put a hand template in them to show what they are and also to keep them looking good for when they're in The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit.  What do you think?  Alexandra thinks I should draw the fingers in and put fingernails on!
The second pair below are using the same yarn as the other slouchy beanie hat.

For these I used a zig-zag pattern which involved decreasing and increasing stitches at certain points in the row. 

I thought they looked like waves. 
These knitted up a lot tighter than the previous pair - and make a lovely close fit on your hand.

Orange hand template this time!
And now for the Fishes ...
I wanted to make some patchwork fishes that hung!  I don't know why.  Sometimes these ideas fly into my head and I just HAVE to make them.  So fishes it was!

They are different both sides and filled with stuffing and my old favourite - lavender! 
 I didn't stuff all the way down (you should have seen the trouble I did have stuffing them as I hadn't accounted for the narrow bit before the tail).  That made it incredibly tough to get the stuffing in - lots of poking with a thin crochet hook was required!  I then decided that in order to give the tail the impression of being thin and have some movement I then stitched the two sides together over the tail - also giving the stuffing no chance of escaping the body!

I crocheted "lines" for them to hang from and used lovely shiny sparkly beads at intervals.
They are now hanging in The Crafty Phoenix Lady along with one of my Soap Fish - which I'll tell more about another day!

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  1. Love the knitted fingerless gloves and the fabric fishes. I made some fingerless gloves for Caroline over Christmas from a pattern she chose x