Monday, 26 January 2015

Mad Hatters

I've made a couple more hats!

This time I attempted my own without following a pattern and I feel pretty pleased with the results.

I wanted to make adult size hats as opposed to the kiddie sized ones I've been producing recently!

And they fit my head so I have succeeded there!

However I have taken photos with my boys wearing them - as you can probably see - they are a bit big for them! 

I think perhaps Adam has had enough of hat modelling - look at the mad expression on his face!  (Hence the title of this post too!)
Adam has us in stitches sometimes as he'll sit at the dinner table and suddenly burst into a really loud "mwahhhaahhaha"
that sounds absolutely manic and crazed
- and the expression on his face whilst he does it just adds to the laughter!

A little more sane here!  This one was knitted with the Custer colour-way of the Sirdar Montana double knitting range.  I used less than one 50g skein.  It's a joy to work with.  It is made of 30% wool and 70% acrylic, with gorgeous colour changes which keep me from becoming bored!

As you can see it's a bit big for Adam's head!

Luke wasn't so keep at leaving the X-Box to model but was perfectly happy with me plonking the hat on his head!  I wanted to put it on both their heads as Luke's is a bit bigger than Adam's at the moment.

See the dazed "I'm playing X-Box" look?

The concentration!  This one shows the slouchy-ness of the hat.
Both of these hats will be in The Emporium on Thursday in my unit.


  1. They look lovely, I was knitting hats for the grand babies before Christmas. Happy knitting xxx

  2. There is nothing better than handknitted garments from your family!

    I still have some of the hats and little jumpers and cardigans my Granny knitted for Alexandra when she was a baby. I also have the Brownie hat she knitted for me - and I've worn it recently!

    I have a knitted all-in-one that Nanny made for Alexandra on my request. Oh and the cross-stitch quilt she made for her is treasured.

  3. That,s lovely. Yes treasures for you to keep