Monday, 12 January 2015

Chocolate and Cream Yurt Hat

I like knitting hats as they are quick!  And I do like projects to be quick.  That was always my excuse in the past for sewing rather than knitting as sewing always produced the end project much faster!

However I am now finding that I can and do enjoy projects that take a bit more time.  Perhaps I'm slowing down in my old age ha ha!

I found this pattern and decided it would be an interesting but fairly simple hat to make.  It is by Hazel Donnelly and called Yurt Hat with Ridge Detail.  Pretty isn't it?


I chose some dk yarn - which on reading back - (can you see a pattern forming here ... I really do rush into these patterns without double checking yarn weight - although in my defence it didn't say chunky or dk - I just presumed on the size of the needles it was dk! Oh and that it came up in the search for dk knitted hats!)

The yarn I chose was from my stash and I believe it's a Stylecraft yarn but I can't find any photos or links to the shades I have.  I went for a dark brown and a cream - and they both had flecks of the other colour along with a lighter brown in.

Note to self - MUST read and understand pattern before commencing!

Another project I completed last week is for a swap where I had to send a Christmas Dishcloth to someone in America.  This is made with Sugar and Cream Cotton and is a lovely thick cotton to work with.

This is the pattern I found

It is a lovely house with a big tree beside it - with a star and snow - and I really liked it.

Can you see it clearly?  I did enjoy making this as it didn't take that long and ta-dah - a super dishcloth to replace the one that didn't arrive. 



  1. Such a cute design on the dishcloth Lucy, I,m intriguied about the hat, will look up the pattern xx

  2. Thank you! Let me know if you make the hat. I loved the pattern and it was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. x