Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Mitten Knittin'

Baby, it's getting cold outside!


And so commences the knitting of many mittens and gloves ...
Right now I am loving the mittens that I've been knitting for little ones with the i-cord attaching them together.  This enables the mittens to be threaded through their coat and they won't lose them!

It also helps with time as I know how long it takes to hunt for gloves
 when you realise the weather is getting chilly!

This was the start of the pink girly ones I am currently making. 
 As you can see by the first photo I have one mitten finished and am on the i-cord. 
The second hand will be finished tonight.

I do find myself going for the blues and greens a lot of the time! 
They are my favourite colours so I guess it makes sense to knit in them!
However I know it also makes sense to knit in other colours to appeal to a wider audience
.... hence the pink ones!

Although on the topic of my favourite colours - I have knitted myself a pair of fingerless gloves.
In my favourite shades!  This yarn was in the Autumn box from Devon Sun Yarns. 
There was a choice of colours - Autumnal etc, but I decided to go for MY shades
and then would be more likely to make myself something!

And so I have!

This pattern is from Tin Can Knits
And is a FREE pattern!  Find it on here ....

Isn't the yarn to die for?! 
It really is a gorgeous yarn to knit with!
And ... I had enough left to make the child's mitten version of the same pattern!

Here's my little Ninja modelling them for me! 
I added an i-cord to these mittens so that they wouldn't get lost either! 
I'm actually thinking it may be worth putting i-cords on the adult ones too
- I know I hate losing gloves - and just think how handy (ha ha!)
they would be if they stayed with your coat all the time!
What do you think?   Would that be a good idea?!

Now back to more creative adventures ....
~~~ *** OOO *** ~~~



  1. Mittens look lovely. I've always crocheted a cord to join them together. Been making some recently for my grand daughters . How do you make the I cord please?

  2. It's an icord. I cast on 4 stitches and then knit across them without turning - it's like those cotton reel knitting dolls things we used to have as kids!