Monday, 9 November 2015

Ratjetoe ....

What?  I hear you say! 
Ratjetoe is Dutch for hodgepodge and is the name of the pattern for these armwarmers.
A fantastic pattern using up odds and ends that I found on Ravelry.
This is the pattern picture - can you see why I couldn't resist giving them a go?!
I have so many oddments of double knitting yarn - and me being me - I hate to throw anything away!  I love the idea of creating something beautiful and practical out of oddments.

I thought I'd use some blues, browns, creams and greys.

I took it all up in the car and knitted in the car on Saturday afternoon.  We went up to Windsor Racecourse for The War of the Worlds Fireworks!  It was fantastic and well worth the wait
- and even worth me having an extremely painful fibromyalgia day yesterday.
I am really lucky in that Jonathan doesn't mind doing the majority of the driving - in fact he did it all on Saturday - so it means I can knit whilst in the car. 

So last night I managed to finish the right arm, and will be going onto the left once I have finished a commission that needs to be finished by Thursday.

Then I have a quandary as on the pattern the right and left hands don't match.  Actually there is only the written pattern for one arm!  It then gives you the freedom to do what you like for the second arm.  Now do I go for different - or do I try and match?
Onto something entirely different ... a little Christmas stocking ...

Just a little reminder that it's not long now .....!

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  1. Lovely arm warmers ....the colours are gorgeous