Wednesday, 13 January 2016

New Year, new wardrobe ...


A little late I know, but the sentiment has been there since the 1 January 2016!
Just because I haven't been on here doesn't mean I haven't been busy! 
In fact I don't seem to have stopped!
But now ... a photo session with Barbie with her new wardrobe that will be on sale from tomorrow in The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit within The Emporium, Yeovil!


As you can see the "photo shoot" took place in The Library!  He he!  I love books and have hundreds!  I always have a book on the go, and love all craft books too.

So we have a combination of knitted and sewn garments.

Short-sleeved blouses and knitted skirts

A knitted top that can also be worn slightly off the shoulder

A crop top for those warmer days

And a superb party dress

which can also be worn with the blouse as a jacket.

So Barbie has some new clothes!!
There's more to follow in a bit ....

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