Saturday, 4 February 2017

Daisy's shawl x3

Back in June of last year I had the opportunity to test crochet a shawl that had been designed by Daisy from Devon Sun Yarns  

It used one 100g skein of sock yarn.  An ideal project to use that one skein of yarn that you love!

I decided to go with a purple sock yarn that had a sparkle in it, which is one that was dyed by Daisy.

The pattern was so simple to use and made up an absolutely gorgeous little shawl.  

It's not a big shawl that covers all your back, 
but it's a nice shape to have around the top of your back and shoulders.

I just love the peaked edges.  
I think they really add to the pattern and made me think of this being a dragon's wing!

I liked the pattern so much, and having found it so easy to follow, that I took it with me when my daughter when into hospital last August.  I chose a lovely yarn that had been sent to me by a fellow Ravelry member in the Jackpot forum - where each month you can sign up for the chance to be in to win, one member is randomly chosen and all the other participants send the lucky person a 100g (at least) skein of yarn that is worth more than $10 (about £8-9 over here).  I was so lucky an won last May's drawing and I received some gorgeous yarns!  Anyway, I digress ... I took one of the skeins that was gifted to me (and from an Etsy shop called The Merino Mermaid) and one of my favourites as I just love love love the colour/shades.  
This one I made for myself and have called it Mermaid Shawl.

Isn't it gorgeous?!

The third and last one (so far) that I made was for my mum.  We have had quite a rough year with my other half not having regular work and it's meant having to tighten the purse-strings.  So I thought for her birthday in November I would make part of her present.  This seemed an ideal (and quite speedy) pattern to make for her.

I chose a skein of yarn that I've had for a while (and really can't remember where it came from) in mauve and pink with a sort of grey inbetween.  My mum's favourite colour is mauve so it seemed ideal.

It made up quickly and beautifully.  

I took it into The Emporium with me and received many lovely comments from customers 
and fellow stall holders that popped in.

At the end I sewed on a little heart charm that had the words "Made with Love" engraved on it. 
I felt that this finished it off nicely and was most obviously true!

My mum loves it!  She has had it on the last two times I've seen her and she said that it is ideal as it covers the top of her back and shoulders where it can get a bit chilly when you're sat driving/travelling in the car.  

Funny isn't it, how we can wear things slightly differently - I wear mine like a cowl wrapped around my neck!  That's where I feel the cold the most.

A super pattern Daisy, and one that will be made more, I am sure!

*   *   *

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