Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My Sunday Shawl aka Gypsy Shawl

I have finished my Sunday Shawl which I have renamed my Gypsy Shawl!  I think it looks rather bohemian!

This was the Crochet Along (CAL) that I mentioned in a previous post.  

A beautiful shawl designed by Alia Bland aka

This is going on right now in a facebook group ...

I loved this pattern.  It worked up really quickly and neatly.  I had a little bit of frogging to do as the number count didn't always tally up ... but got it in the end!

Even better ... I used yarn out of my stash ... no buying any new skeins for it!  I had bought some lovely grey back last August/September when Beales' Haberdashery Department was closing down.  I just knew it come in handy one day (along with all the other balls of other colours that may have slipped into my basket....!)

Doesn't the picot edging look pretty?

The rest were single skeins that I had stashed away.  I managed to get my favourite colour ways in it.  Not that you can really see them in the photo just above.  Why is that colours never come out properly inside?  I was desperate to take photos of it yesterday ... and had to make do with the slightly orangey-dull pictures.  Thankfully today the rain stayed away long enough for me to pop out and take the first lot of photos out on our back wall.  You can see the colours in all their glory there!

Isn't it lovely?  I am so proud of it.

Now ... I wonder... do I make another one....?  Do you know anyone that would like one...?  I'd love to make it with different colours ....

DeCluttering totals

1 x big box
1 x medium box
5 x bags

AND  in the boot of my car waiting to be dropped off a further big box and two bags!

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  1. Beautiful shawl. Such a pretty edging. Well done with the decluttering

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  3. I love it...I am planning on hooking up one of these really soon. I really like that dark grey. X

    1. Thank you! Good luck with yours, you're going to love making it! :-)

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