Monday, 13 March 2017

Mixed Media!

I feel that I need to input some oomph into my makes and when Jonathan said that his sister was attending a Mixed Media Course near us.... well that got me interested!


So after a good browse at the website and encouragement from Jonathan I decided to book!

And, oh boy, am I glad I did!

So last Friday I attended the course and met the nicest lady, Constance, who was taking the course.  I'd already spoken to her on the phone and got that nice "vibe" and meeting her in the flesh just proved that she really was the loveliest person.

She taught both Karen and I about materials and bits and bobs we would be doing ... and after a morning of chatting ... we were let loose with the crafty bits ....!

I was in my absolute element!  Learning all about new techniques and experimenting away with paint, and crackle glaze, and heat guns, and fabric ... oh my gosh it was magical alchemy!

We also met her friend, Rosemary, who brought in this most divine caraway seed cake that we had with our cup of tea in the afternoon.  Rosemary runs the embroidery classes there.  Some of her work was on display, and she brought along a piece she was working on 
 ... and believe me ... it is all exquisite!

(Maybe I can do an embroidery course another time ....!)

The Mixed Media course is actually run in four sections with different techniques etc being covered each week.  I had only booked for the first one as finances are pretty tight and obviously needed to know that I would enjoy it (as if I wouldn't!!)

It really was a most exciting day!  It was also great to spend time with Karen whilst doing something we both enjoy.

And ... what's even more exciting is that Jonathan has generously paid for me to attend the next three sessions!  They are my Mother's Day gift!  Woo hoo to my wonderful man and for being a mum!  


 I can't wait!

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