Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Spring Lane Drops-a-long

So .... I've started hooking another Crochet Along!

This time it is called Spring Lane and is from Drops Design http://www.garnstudio.com/dropsalong.php?id=2
Using their gorgeous cotton range DROPS ♥ You #8. 

The suggested colours are so pretty ...

But, me being me, decided not to go for those colours!  

Although aided by the fact that they were out of stock when I looked!

So I decided to do not one 

not two

but three colour-ways

I just thought it made sense to make several and play around with colour!  I may even make one out of non-cotton yarn to see what that looks like!

Once I'd started the first motif I was whizzing away and loving it!

So ... wish me luck with my additional CALs 
(nearly finished my KAL which has over 500 stitches on the needles so one row takes forever and I have to concentrate!  And two CAL blankets just need their borders now...)

What do you think of the colours?  
I thought the top one looked like Spring with crocuses and daffodils; the second one I wanted grey tones with dusky pinks and apricots; and the third one -
well I just had to go with the blues, didn't I?!


DeCluttering totals to date

2 x big boxes
2 x medium boxes
5 x bags
And in the back of my car a further two bags (yes I know I haven't dropped them off yet :-/) and another big box


  1. Very pretty colour combinations, I love seeing how you play with colour. Well done with all the decluttering, that is quite some total so far.:)

  2. Thank you! I think there can never be enough colour combinations! :-D