Thursday, 14 September 2017

Time Flies

I really cannot believe we are now in September!  
Where has that time gone?  

I can remember as a kid thinking that the summer holidays lasted forever ... now as an adult they seem to whizz by along with the rest of the year!  Seriously, what is time like?  Why does it speed up the older we get?

Talking of getting older, my man has just turned 50.  He's not too happy about it and keeps saying that we've all got it wrong and actually he's 40.  Bless!  

He's not one to be in the centre of attention and it was hard to think what to do for his birthday.  I wanted to celebrate it as it is a biggie, isn't it?!  So we had a get-together the previous Friday with my parents and my brother and his family, and my daughter too.  We all met at Lyme Regis and had a stunningly hot day down there.  We played loads with my nephew Jack ... who absolutely loves the sea and just wanted to be in it all the time, despite having goosebumps!  Then to finish the day off we got fish and chips and ate them on the beach.  A truly lovely day with us all coming home sandy and slightly sunburnt.

We then all got together at my parents for the Monday Bank Holiday and had a lovely time there with a superb spread laid on!  It was rather a squash but we managed it.  It was also great to get some photos of all the grandchildren together.  Granny and Grandad now have one grandaughter and four grandsons with the arrival of George in May.  Don't they look great?

The following Friday (the 1st and actually his birthday) I had booked two bowling alleys and hadn't told him.  We started driving over to Yeovil and he was panicking big time and kept asking where we were going and what we were doing.  He guessed just before we got there (helped along by the fact that Katie said that he'd need to wear socks!)  We met my parents there and my daughter and her fiance, and had a great couple of games.  It has been years since I've played and I must admit it hurt! My arm is still painful now ... but it was worth the fun!

Afterwards we went to Prezzos for dinner.  Again I hadn't told him and again we had the questions, with my mum winding him up as to where the surprise party was!  

My daughter had already popped in and given the staff some balloons with "50" on and a birthday cake - so the balloons were on the table when we got there.  We all had a lovely meal and our waiter brought the cake out singing Happy Birthday!  We then made Jonathan carry the balloons back to the car!

 The day after we were going to his sister's for another get-together.  The air show was on in Bournemouth and the beach they are nearest to has a fantastic view point for it.  We wanted to go down there to see the Red Arrows especially.

I'm not brilliant at getting up early.  I find it difficult to get to sleep and when I do, I don't sleep a refreshing sleep - so mornings are not good!  Knowing this Jonathan will bring me a cup of tea in bed to wake me up "nicely"!  He did so on that Saturday ... and then asked me to marry him!

We had a super time down on the beach and saw the air displays - the Red Arrows were great!  We had a picnic lunch and then a barbeque in the evening.  I even went in the sea for a dip and a swim.  Adam, my youngest, was barely out of the sea!  He loves it!

We then went back to Karen and John's house for tea and cake ... and a glass of bubbly to toast Jonathan's birthday AND our engagement (I did say yes!)

All in all a lovely couple of weeks with lots of family celebrations.

*** *** ***

2017 DeCluttering totals to date

4 x big boxes
2 x medium boxes
10 x bags

A big bag and a little bag still to be dropped off, along with a box of crockery.

1 bag of clothes to a friend (does that count too?) and one more ready to give away.

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