Monday, 2 October 2017

Beyond Puerperium Madness

There is a stunning pattern called Beyond Pueperium that I absolutely love (among many other designs by Pekapeka Patterns).

I have knitted several of these cardigans in various yarns and I wanted to show you my latest versions...

This one was made with one all of yarn that I loved.  I only bought one ball ... and there wasn't quite enough so the sleeves are 3/4 length.  I love how the yarn works up and it keeps me interested!  Isn't it pretty yarn?

I have two big tins full of buttons ... but isn't it funny how you never have the right ones for the knitted garment you've made?!  However this time I was lucky and found buttons in peach, mint and grey that were the same size and went perfectly.  

I am now a cottage license holder for all patterns by Pekapeka Patterns so I am now licensed to knit and sell the items that are designed by Kelly.  Find me on this link (at the present I am the last one on  the list!)

This particular cardigan is now in The Emporium in Yeovil.

I have also completed a really snazzy one that has made it's way up to Warwick for my youngest nephew.

Isn't this yarn super?  This picture doesn't quite do the colours justice.  It is a plum-y purple; bright orange, brown, turquoise-y blue and green.  I saw the yarn in a local yarn shop and just could not resist!  And I loved knitting in it, especially as it was an aran weight and knitted up incredibly quickly.  

Oh, that's another bonus of this pattern - it is written for three different yarn weights - fingering, double knitting and aran.  I am now knitting one out of some sock yarn (fingering weight) that I love and wanted to see how it would work up as this cardigan.  You'll see that one soon!

I found some super buttons for this one too (a good way of using buttons is going for different colours to match your yarn but making sure they are the same size).  The buttons I found were the exact orange and blue shades, so were perfect!

This version is a little older and was made especially for my brother and sister-in-law's expected baby who arrived back in May this year.

It is made with a gorgeous snuggly Sirdar Soft and Snuggly in lovely shades of mauve, pale blue, lime, grey and white.  I loved knitting this one as it was truly so soft to work with and just looked adorable.

And here is baby George in his new cardigan ...

Of course I couldn't leave his older brother Jack out ... so Jack got a jumper version of it in a super varigated Noro Lily Multi yarn and a little matching cardigan for his baby doll!

Below is the second one that I made for George ...

Isn't he a cutie?  He looks more like my brother and is going to have brown eyes like us!  Jack looks just like his mummy and has blue eyes.  Isn't it funny how the same ingredients can go in the mix and two different versions are created!

This one is one I made for brother Jack and this is George in it ...

Loving the hand-knits being handed down!

This lovely cardigan pattern is designed by Kelly van Niekerk and can be found here

2017 DeCluttering totals to date

4 x big boxes
2 x medium boxes
12 x bags

A big box of crockery still to be dropped off along with another bag

2 bags of clothes to friends (does that count too?) and one more to go

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