Friday, 2 May 2014

First ever .... sock knitting ....!

I made a very airy-fairy list of things I wanted to do this year.  Airy-fairy in that I didn't really write them down - so actually in my (Gemini) way of thinking - if I didn't write it down - I wasn't committed - therefore if I didn't manage it - I hadn't failed!  I know, quite an obscure way of thinking - but that's me!

Anyway - setting up a blog was one of the them ... and that I have achieved as here I am blogging to the world at large with no idea who it is reaching and who is reading my ramblings!

The second to-do was to knit a pair of socks!  Aaaah!  Why did I feel the need to achieve this?  I really don't know!  There has just been something in the background of my crafty head saying that I needed to do this.  So, anyway, back in March I cast on!  I decided to go with one of my favourite forums on Ravelry and do the knit-along with them.  Two patterns had been chosen - an easy and a not-so-easy lacy pair.  Of course, my heart says way-hey lets go for the lacy ones and then my head says uh-oh ... you need to think about this sensibly and go for the pattern that you are more likely to achieve the first time round.

I do have this habit of either choosing something perhaps a little beyond my capabilities or - like the previous post - making two things at the same time! 

Anyway - this is my progess so far ....

I'm still working on sock number one.

I have, as always, been working on other projects as well.  So this isn't bad progress really for me.  I did have a little panic as I had one 100g skein of yarn and it seemed to be going down pretty rapidly.  So I had to find where it had come from (it has been part of a birthday swap I took part in last year from a lovely lady called Jenny in Colorado Springs) and then order another skein in.  It was purchased from an etsy shop called A Hundred Ravens (  A lovely 100% Merino wool called Iachos : Tardis - an apt shade for a Doctor Who fan like me!

So I have now definitely got enough yarn to finish both socks. 

I have also totally committed myself by having it down as a project on my Ravelry page!

*    *    *

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