Saturday, 3 May 2014

Waking Irene up from hibernation


It appears that I have neglected my Goodnight Irene quilt-a-long for two months!

My excuse is that she needed a good sleep!

So today I thought I remedy the situation and get sewing some more and try to catch up.  The good news is that Irene is now having a bit of a growth spurt ...

*     *     *


  1. They say that with kids, they need to sleep to grow. Apparently that's true of Irene too! :0)

  2. Lol! It must be true. However I didn't intend it to be a two month sleep!

  3. Meh! Okay I will be honest I saw the title and though there was going to be cute tortoise pics :o( Irene may not be a cute tortoise but she is looking beautiful after her hibernation :o)