Friday, 18 September 2015

Autumn is coming, so the hats and mittens making has begun

Autumn is on it's way. 
To me this is when the evenings start turning chillier
and there's the need to put a cardigan on and perhaps socks too. 

 It also means that the needles come out and the knitting of hats and mittens begin!  I have decided - for once (ha ha!) - that I would try and get some stock built up for The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit at The Emporium in Yeovil. 

 Last year I found myself frantically trying to keep up with the fingerless mittens flying out the shop!

So Tuesday night I cast on a pair of toddler mittens.  This is a lovely pattern in ,my DK Winter Knits Made Easy book and has a I-cord that is attached to both mittens which is then thread through the coat sleeves so the mittens are never lost!

I finished them Wednesday evening!  Don't they look cute?
And here's Trixie wondering why I am photographing the floor! 
Or perhaps she just wants to be a paw model!
Then yesterday whilst I was at The Emporium doing my shift I cast on The Drops pattern "Sweet Pumpkin" in baby size and in a gorgeous pumpkin orange coloured Rowan cotton. 
The green leaves and stalk are Stylecraft Classical Cotton yarn.

And I finished it last night - so a super speedy project - which is just how I like it!

There was one little snag - the pattern called for 84 stitches to be cast on and then further on wanted makers placed at after 9 stitches intervals which left 3 stitches spare! 
So I worked the leaves with three of them having 10 stitches and the other 6 having 9.
And now a few super cute photos of our two new fur babies and their mummy ....

Yes, Luna, our Lionhead Bunny, is a mummy!  She has the two most adorable little babies!

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