Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Best laid plans ....

I was all ready this morning with a big bag packed with packages to take to the Post Office and two bags to be dropped off at the charity shop after I'd taken the youngest to school.

Then I'd be home again and get on with the sewing I'd started yesterday and hopefully get that finished.

And then tonight I was planning to go to Odcombe Stitch and Knit and do a workshop there. 

I was all geared up .... and that's not normal as I am NOT a morning person!

Only he is poorly.  A tummy bug.  Poor little mite.
So the best laid plans ... go to pot!
No Post Office.  No Charity Shop.  No sewing (I wanted him to sleep!).  The workshop was still a possibility but as the day has progressed my throat has gathered more and more razors in it and is now ragingly sore.  So No Workshop.
I spent the day instead at the dining room table creating new ATCs.

Jonathan surprised me the other week as we'd been over to a place that I call The Badger Place
(don't ask me why ... that's what I have named it in my head!) 
It is actually called Broadwindsor Craft Centre.
There's a Unit there called Earth Design and they had some lovely pictures that Jonathan said were made with wax in a craft called Encaustic Art. 
I'm of course intrigued - a new craft that I hadn't tried - and one that looked very effective!
Bless him - he ordered me the whole caboodle for creating my very own Encaustic Art!

And these Autumnal ATCs are my first attempt!  Well after a really really messy A3 page of wax!
I decided that I wanted to try and be clever and use some fallen leaves from the garden and try and get the imprint of them using the wax and the iron.  These are the results, which I'm actually pretty pleased with.  I think they look pretty effective and Autumnal. 
So they are going into the Anything Autumn swap on the ATCs for All forum.

I have also received some back!
Remember the Native American ATCs I made? 
Well these are the ATCs I received back as part of the swap.

Aren't they great!

I have also received two ATCs from a forum thread called PIF for Newbies (Pay It Forward) which entails you accepting the previous poster's offer of an ATC and then you offer one up.
Here's the two I have received ...

And here's the two I have sent ...

And for another swap ... this for Equine Lovers ....

These are my cards that I have sent.

I am thoroughly enjoying myself getting back into drawing and colouring
and painting and playing with paper ....!

The last one I have kept for myself!
Now every piece of patterned paper or card I see, I'm thinking .... hmmm .... how can I use that on an ATC ....?
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