Monday, 14 September 2015

Weaver Fever ~ to the sea

I received my second Weaver Fever box from Daisy Forster of Devon Sun Yarns the other month

This one was a sea themed box with gorgeous shades of blue and turquoise, green
(my kind of colours!) and cream.

There were five skeins of 10g of hand-dyed yarn with a variety of thicknesses - DK, Aran, Chunky, Slub Chunky and Super Chunky and also 5g of hand carded fibre blends. 
A collection of shells, some glitter and glue to pretty up the dowels. 
 Along with an ocean scented wax melt.

The little lap loom that I used for my first weaves is quite small - about A5-ish size and I immediately felt this would be too small to use to create what was in my head when I saw the contents of this box. 
I wanted to make a longer hanging. 
So I asked Jonathan if he thought he could make me a larger loom ... and he did ....

And it was just what I wanted!

It meant I could thread it up the width I wanted - to fit the dowel provided - and be that much longer (a bit longer than A4 size I'd say).

And here's my finished hanging ...

I wanted the effect of sky at the top - so a solid band of blue - and then the effect of waves and surf with the other colours and thicknesses of yarn.  I then stitched the shells on nearer the bottom of the hanging.

I love it!  It has turned out just as I wanted it too!
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  1. Looks very attractive, such pretty colours and great you got to have a large frame to use :)