Sunday, 30 August 2015

ATCs ... the latest in my crafty adventures!

Have you ever seen those little cards that are the size of business cards?  The ones that have pictures on them?  Mixed media creations?  Well if you haven't go and check out as you will find there an amazing new world of arty craftiness!

And I have joined! 

I have now made my first two set of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) for two swaps online.

The first is for a swap called Native American, and here are my cards ...

These were made with craft paper, printed sayings and images
and a couple of them have added beads and charms,
and the bottom one is aged slightly with stamping ink.

The swap is for three cards which are sent to a host who then swaps them all around and then sends us out three made by other members.  I also made one for the host to keep - I thought perhaps the bottom one as that's my favourite! 

I actually made five as I thought I would keep one out of every swap I make
 ... and mine is a slightly different one to my favourite ....

Can you see the added beads and feather charm?  Isn't it pretty!  The picture came from a subscription box from along with the little feather charms.

And today I am packaging up my second swap ATCs.  This time for a swap called Halloween!  And here are my cards ...

I watercolour painted the backgrounds and then used black pens to outline and colour in the images.  I also used white circles to make the moons.

And the one I'm keeping for myself ...

What do you think? 
I think I'm hooked!
If you want to see more examples go and have a look on Pinterest - there are tons there!
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