Saturday, 22 August 2015

Embellishing the envelope

.... again!

I am still enjoying sending out my mail with some of the envelopes decorated by myself!

Not all of them, but if I have time and the inclination then I will try and put something on the envelope to brighten it up - and maybe make the recipient and the postmen smile!

Below is a card designed by Karen Tye Bentley one of our talented artists at Phoenix Trading
I did a little version of the butterfly on the envelope!

This is one that has been posted out as the envelope for a swap on Ravelry Tiny Owl Knits forum
The contents have travelled previously as it is chasing on of the members round the world! 
Hope it catches her soon!
On this envelope I attempted to copy a picture on a sticker that I enclosed with the card ...
Another extremely talented Phoenix Trading artist ... Amanda Loverseed this time.
My attempt at dragonflies are in no way as good as Amanda's but the thought is there!
Can't remember if I showed these two before. 
I just love the cards and I am pleased with my version on the envelopes.

So that's all for now on the latest "mail art"!
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