Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tiny Owl Knits ... Seedpod Purse

If you haven't heard of Tiny Owl Knits then you really must go and check her designs out ...

She designs the most adorable patterns.  I am very lucky to have been gifted her Woodland Knits book by another Ravelry member.  And oh my word - it has the most fantastic designs in it. 
All magical and whimsical - I love them all!

and there you'll find the friendliest bunch of people.  And the swaps that take place are brilliant.

The most recent one I took part in was the ***Midsummer Magical Mini Swap***. 
This was a small swap to include something created for our partner. 

So if you've seen all the patterns in the above book you'll understand the trouble I had deciding which one I would make my partner. I decided to go with a pattern that would fit the yarn I have in my stash and the purple-y pink-y Seedpod Purse was born....

Well .... not exactly born as such ...
there obviously was some knitting and lots and lots of felting involved to produce it!

It was an amazingly easy pattern to knit up and it knitted up beautifully. 

You even knit some leaves that go on the strap - how cute are they?!

Once knitted it had to all be felted. 
Instructions were to felt as if washing your hands with the knitted item in your hands. 
Now the felting took a fair while but the smell whilst doing it was divine
(having used a rose scented handwash)! 
I find felting fascinating, just to see the item you've knitted fuse together and become felt.

My USA partner I sent it to said she loved it.  I do hope so! 

And I'm definitely going to make it again ... only this time, hopefully, for ME!

However .... I was very lucky and thoroughly spoiled by my partner who sent from Finland. 

She knitted me a pair of mittens (also in the Woodland Knits) called Catching Butterflies. 

Aren't they divine?  She crocheted little butterflies and flowers on both sides ...

I love them and feel very lucky to have had them made especially for me!
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