Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Bunny and the Bunny Bag

I have had another commission this time to make a bag to match a bunny rabbit that I had already made and that was up for sale in The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit at The Emporium.

It was for Carly who runs Another Little World which is based in The Emporium as well. 
She wanted the bunny as a gift for a little girl who was turning one.  However she also wanted to have a little bag for the bunny and other bits and bobs to go in. 
And she wanted it to "go with" the bunny.
Yay!  I love to make things with a customer's brief!

Carly wanted the fabric that was on the bunny to be used in the bag. 
I explained that I only had a little bits left so patchwork would be best.

So I made two strips of patches with the tiny floral fabric in every other block and used co-ordinating colours with it.  These I then sewed together for a strip around the bottom of the bag.

Carly had said she'd quite like the bunny included somehow - so I decided to make a slightly smaller version and not stuff it but applique it onto the bag.

I decided to let the ears be free!  They were attached to the head but not sewn onto the bag. 
 I thought it looked pretty good like that!

I used a background fabric that was a grey-ish blue-ish shade that went with the tiny floral fabric. 
I wanted pink to give it the girly feel so chose a pink fabric with tiny hearts on to line the bag
and to form the gusset for the drawstring at the top. 
 I then sewed a piece of white crochet-style lace a little below the pink gusset
to add another bit of pretty to it.

A white ribbon went through the gusset and made a lovely drawstring.

A pretty bunny bag with a bunny to go inside and plenty of room for other little treasures!

And one satisfied customer!  Thank you for the order Carly!
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