Monday, 17 August 2015

Shades of Grey ... and Lemon too!

I know I have been very lax lately about posting on here and I really wanted to post at least once a week to keep it regular and up-to-date.

So I'm - hopefully - going to be posting some of the items I have managed to create - and finish - recently!

The first (relating to the title) is a crochet blanket. 
I have had a lady coming into The Emporium quite regularly and asking if I have any crochet blankets that are not gender specific. 
The blanket that was there at the time was blue and white and she didn't want to go with blue. 
She has bought one from me previously that was cream with autumnal shades that was for her
great- grandchild that was due at the time.

So I have decided to make some crochet blankets that aren't specifically girly or boyish. 

This is great as I do love to experiment with colours and colour combinations!

I have always liked yellow and grey together and thought that would be an ideal combination to start with.

Pretty but not too pretty that it would be classed as being too girly and not blatantly boyish either!

It was a lovely square to work up. 
It is called Granny Square - Circle within a square by Angela Santarpio
I did a join as you go method of working the squares together.  So much easier and the blanket seems to grow so much quicker too!

What do you think?
A nice colour combination?
*****      *****      *****

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  1. Very attractive colour combination Lucy and very interesting to see the join as you go I must investigate this join as you go technique