Monday, 11 July 2016

Elephant's Eye; Amidala; Abigal Cable & Swamp Thing; Roaring 20s; Mixed Media Hearts and Chunky Pages

Another mixed bag!

And again ... for the Artist Trading Cards forum.

Amidala was a special request from a member who'd seen one I'd made previously for another trade.  
It has taken me a while to make her.  Hopefully her recipient likes her!

The Elephant's Eye was a prompt for the ATC forum within Ravelry.  

I thought I would show you the picture I took my inspiration from.  As you can see it is in no way as good but it does show what it is!

I held off from drawing this one as I kept thinking it was going to be hard. 
 And I had to make seven for the girls that are in the swap!  
So I confess I cheated here ... I drew one copy and then scanned it in to make seven ...

I really didn't think I'd have it in me to draw it seven times :-/ 
I really hope that the girls don't mind getting a copy!

I love the site as it pushes me.  (I am currently drawing a chihuahua!)  
I have prompts and ideas that are not what I would usually choose to draw/paint/create ... 
and I am finding that I am loving it!

The one above is of someone I had never heard of ... Abigail Cable and Swamp Thing!  I had to research this.  This was for a MMH (Make Me Happy) Comic Book trade.  
Basically one person lists three characters they'd like an atc of 
and the next person says they'll make them happy with one of them and then lists their three choices.  
A great way to get lots of new and different cards.

Below are four cards I made for the Roaring 20s swap.  They are slightly blurred - the scanner wasn't playing ball and I think they were still slightly curled from glue (I often need a heavy book or two to weight them down!)

Great fun playing and making collages with paper and pictures!

And another MMH (Make Me Happy) forum - this time for mixed media hearts.  
And you all know how much I love hearts!  

The one above I decided to make to "match" a Chunky Page I'd made for a member and send them both off together.

A Chunky Page is usually a 4 inch by 4 inch square made from thicker card.  They can be just hand-drawn or painted - or as I have done here - mixed media - lots of pictures and bits of paper and cut-outs!  
A Chunky Page can have added tassels and bits.  The recipient usually says if they want the left hand side left clear for about half an inch or a hole punched at the top or wherever - this means they can then bind the pages together and make a snazzy book!

All good fun!

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