Monday, 8 August 2016

Antler People, Round Robins and Owls ...

I've been working on some more ATCs for swaps.

Sometimes there are the most unusual, strange, or just plain different swap titles.  

This one is run by an member in Slovakia. 
And called "Antler People", which is basically what it says on the tin - people with antlers!

As usual we have to make three cards, and generally people make a fourth one 
as a gift to the person who hosts the swaps.

Running a swap is pretty hard work, as I found out for myself when I ran my first swap.

I decided to go for the theme "Folk ~ Primitive Art" as I hadn't seen any of those in 
recent art history on

As it was my first swap I was allowed to have 12 players.  It was so exciting to see people signing up to play!  It showed me that it was a pretty good choice of theme!

Above (x 3) is all the cards I received in the swap.  So I had 12 x 4 as they all included a hostess card for me!  I absolutely loved receiving all the delightful creations in the post.  It was like my birthday every day.

I decided that I wanted to make a card for each of the players too - so I could send them three back and an extra from me to say thank you for joining the swap.

Above (x 2) are my Folk Art cards.

I had great fun sorting through the cards, deciding which ones I was going to have as the hostess card 
and then dealing out three different artists to each player.  
And even more exciting is that they are arriving at their new homes as I write this!


I also participate in one to one trades. 
 So I trade one (or two, or three or however many we agree on) with another trader.  

I traded with a member in America.  She wanted owls.  So here are my three owls for her.

I love creating and drawing owls!  I think they are by far my most favourite bird!

There are also Round Robin swaps/trades going on.

Both in hand-drawn and hand-painted, and mixed media.

These consist of three cards where the first player draws the same picture on each card.

In the card above the first player drew the pirate.

I then received the three cards and decided to add a pirate ship.  These are now being sent to the third and final player.  She is going to draw the last item on the card and then all three of us get one of the cards!

I have also decided to be the starter on the set below. 
 I love Gorjuss and decided to draw my version of her on my three cards.  

Can't wait to see what is added to them!

* ~~~ * ~~~ *

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  1. These are all beautiful, I love your drawing style.