Saturday, 9 July 2016


I have seen so many blankets in blogs, magazines and Pinterest ... and many of them are the V-Stitch.  
This is a stitch that I haven't used myself... until now!

Having used lots of pink recently I thought I'd return to my good old favourite - blue! 
I decided I was going to use just scraps again and also wanted an extra "pop" every so often 
so included a bright yellow and a peachy orange.

I cannot believe that I haven't used this stitch before.  It is wonderful! 
So simple and almost mindless crocheting.  It made an absolute ideal project to have in front of the telly!  
I usually do crochet or knit in the evening in front of the box - 
but with this one I barely had to look at the work I was crocheting!

It worked up incredibly quickly too - I found myself completing about ten rows or so a night.  
What a way to grow a blanket!

There is something very pleasing about blues and the yellow/peachy orange together, 
every time I looked at it I smiled.  
I can't decide if this is because I really like blue ... or that the combination is just one that works!

What do you think?

(I do like playing with colour combinations and sometimes find that I like combinations that I would never have considered putting together.)

And it got Trixie's approval too as she decided to photo-bomb the last photo I took!

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  1. Well that looks lovely. I've read about the v stitch but not done it myself. I'm still improving on the corner to corner crochet. The blues look lovely and yes the pop of colour is a feast to the eyes. Lucky someone who gets the blanket.

    1. You should try it! It really is so simple and I think I should have tried it years ago! :-D

  2. thats a lovely blanket! I recently made a cardigan in v-stitch and it was so easy and turned out fabulous! (Alyssium cardigan on ravelry)