Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Superheroes and Alfons Mucha

Hmm ... well they certainly don't sound like they go together!

However that is the variation in the atcs (Artist Trading Cards) I have made this week!

On I am in a swap called Marvel Superheroes.  
I had to join this swap as in our house everyone is Marvel mad!

Adam had a big tin of coloured pencils with these superheroes on and I decided that they would make a good impact with the close up of their faces.

Captain America and Hulk are my favourite cards.  Thor is okay but I am not too keen on Iron Man - the one I thought would be the easiest!

I decided to use a transfer that one of the boys hasn't used.  
I coloured a bit of a fire blast sort of effect as the background using copic style markers 
and the blending pen.  
Then carefully transferred the tattoo transfer over the top.

In the Ravelry ATC swap group we've had two themes for June - Elephant's Eye - this one I haven't attempted yet.  It is on my to-do list!  The other was to make atcs in the style of Alfons Mucha.

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing these whilst England did incredibly badly in the match on Monday night.

They were fun and embraced the girly side after those superheroes!

I decided I would colour these in with colour pencils as I wanted to achieve a softer effect.

However before I started colouring-in I copied them all on one sheet with just the black outlines as I also want to colour them in with the alcohol pens and achieve a deeper effect.

That way I can also put them in my Gallery at

Loved the experimenting with different colours.

And the ornate hairdos!

Hopefully the girls I am swapping with will like them as much as I do!

This last one is my favourite (along with the first one)!

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