Sunday, 19 June 2016

Raspberry Ripple into Circles

I am sure many (if not all) crafters still have bits left even after trying to use up supplies/scraps.

I made the Raspberry Ripple blanket and found that I still had a project bag with 
various size balls of pink yarn inside.  Hmm what to do?

Make lots of pink crocheted circles of course!

I thought long and hard about what background colour to use for these pretty pink circles (and some blue from the varigated yarn used in the Raspberry Ripple) ... and decided I'd go really bold and chose black. 
I do think pink and black go well together, don't you?

And as you can see there are some circles that include black in them - as I found I didn't have enough of that particular pink to make a whole circle.  I decided that as it was a blanket bred from the idea of using up the scraps that a few circles that really did use up the last bits of pink would be perfect to go in the blanket.

I went for a thin pink border in the only ball that had enough to go all the way round!  
I think it finishes it off just right.

I love the way the little circles of colour pop against the black background.

And ... I've used some more yarn up!  

Does that mean I have an excuse to buy some more .......?

*   ~   *   ~   *


  1. Very pretty, I love the pink and black together and such a lovely idea with the circles.