Saturday, 11 June 2016

Dog-Dog and Feebee

At the beginning of the year I posted several photos showing the Barbie fashions I had been creating.  
These all went into The Emporium 
and into my Unit there.

Not long after I received a message on my Etsy site asking if I was the same Crafty Phoenix Lady 
who was in The Emporium in Yeovil.  To which I said yes.  
The second message came back saying that they had been in and bought nearly all the Barbie outfits 
and wanted to know if I'd make some more BUT they weren't for a Barbie!

They were for 

Dog Dog and Feebee - two little dogs - who are favourite toys of two young ladies.

They wondered if I would be able to make some more clothes that would fit them better than Barbie outfits.  They have thicker arms and their legs aren't so long so that a dress or skirt becomes a maxi dress on them!

They had a couple of requests - Dog Dog's owner wanted a black coat, a blue and white maxi dress and a skirt and gillet set in turquoise; and Feebee's owner wanted a wedding dress with a veil; and they both wanted a school uniform and a satchel style bag for the dogs.

Well I was so taken with the idea that I was happy to help out.  

I was given a budget and some colour preferences and then given a free rein other than the particular requests.

And here are the finished results ...

The school uniforms. I wasn't 100% pleased with the blouses as the collars were so fiddly to work out and then they weren't quite right but apparently the girls love them which is the main thing!

A frilly, girly pink dress for Feebee; 
pink trousers and top to fit either

A floral dress and a Scottish inspired dress

Feebee's wedding dress and veil - silky, sparkly and with pink flowers

Navy and white striped maxi dress and a posh black coat with pink leopard print lining
 (I also sewed a Next label inside as Dog Dog's owner loves browsing the Next directory!)

Plaid dress with lacy collar and a Tinkerbell dress with turquoise lace and mauve heart button

Snazzy red and yellow print dungarees and matching jacket

Grey jacket with a dress that has a matching bodice and personalisation on with teddy print skirt

The two satchels - personalised and with big heart buttons over the popper fastenings

Snazzy heart jacket personalised for Feebee (as it was pink fabric and she likes pink!) and a summer dress

A Strawberry Shortcake t-shirt top and a matching skirt and top set

A grey and lemon blouse with lace ruff at the neck and two skits

The turquoise skirt and gillet set; and pinstriped trousers and bright pink and orange leopard print blouse

Knitted dress and a pretty yellow blouse with stars on and a pink skirt trimmed with cerise velvet ribbon

Quite a good wardrobe of clothes for two well loved dogs!

* ~~~ * ~~~ *

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