Thursday, 23 June 2016

Just one more ...

A little while ago The Factory Shop had some yarn on sale that was super cheap 
... 3 balls for something ridiculous like £2.00. 

So I bought a shedload!

Well I have worked my way through a lot of it with various projects.  

I had some balls left that I decided just to crochet some circles 
and see how many I could make and how far they'd go!

There were many colours in the yarn - pink, navy, mossy green, grey and a dark grey.  So I had to pick a colour to go with it and not detract from the jazzy yarn itself.  So I went for white and silver grey.  

I decided to go with a check effect.  I think it makes those little circles pop!

I left just enough so that I could round the border with some of the jazzy yarn 
... and there you go a little baby blanket!

... Just one more ... he he!  Who am I kidding?!

... Look what I started the other evening ... 

~~~   ***   ~~~

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