Thursday, 16 June 2016

MAY 31 Day Art Challenge

 I love the side of me that is into the textile side of crafting; but I also like art ...

One of the greatest presents for me would have been a big pack of felt tip pens that were all in colour order and a colouring book or pad.  I used to draw so much when I was younger.  In particular dancing ladies in long frocks and frilly tops; then ballet dancers; gymnasts; at one time I had a fascination with drawing shoes and boots on bodyless legs!  My mum always got my brother and I to draw our Christmas cards.

Well I found a website a year ago.  It think I have probably written about it before but here's more about it ...

It is an absolutely fab website that has many many members all of whom are artistic and creative.

You join with a user name and then you can download all your works of art - but in particular Artist Trading Cards (ATCs).  These are little cards measuring 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".  On these are all sorts of art work from drawing to collage to textile work ... the variations are limitless as far I can tell!

And we get to trade them!  If someone likes your little piece of art they can ask to trade and then you have a good old nose in their Gallery and see if there's an atc (or two) that you'd like to own.  Addresses are swapped and atcs sent to their new homes!  With the added benefit of earning "itrader points" - a point for each swap (although negative ones can be posted when a swap isn't carried through).

These points mount up and having more than a certain amount means that you can then enter into arranged swaps.  These are when a member chooses a theme and players then join and make three (or four if they make one for their host as a thank you).  These are then sent to the Host and they swap them back out with you ending up with three different cards from three different players.  It is wonderful to receive these little swaps and to see the artwork created.

There are many different swaps.  The one I am concentrating on today is one that was entitled MAY 31 Day Art Challenge. 

We had a prompt for each day and off we went ... trying to create a piece of art for each day using the relevant prompt.

I, of course, was a little behind and so thankful when we were given until 15 June to complete the challenge. And here are mine ....


1 - Succulents 

2 - Rain

3 - In a Bottle / Jar 

4 - Illustrate (or collage) a Book cover. 

5 - Fairytale character 

6 - Zentangle 

7 - Eyes 

8 - Mother's Day 

9 - Zoom In View of... (Flower, bug, animal, your choice) 

10 - A cute monster 

11 - Bubbles 

12 - Pick one word, use it on your card somewhere. 

13 - Birthday 

14 - monochrome 

15 - numbers 

16 - abstract 

17 - moon 

18 - Use postage stamps. 

19 - Fairies 

20 - Mermaids  

21 - Use washi tape on your card. 

22 - Brown - Create using only shades of brown. 

23 - Focus on negative space. 

24 - Paint with watercolors. 

25 - Dreams. 

26 - Stick People (ok, have fun with this, be creative!) 

27 - Circles 

28 - Ice cream. 

29 - Sun. 

30 - Memorial Day 

31 - Use one of these May symbols - emerald (birthstone), Lily of the valley (Flower), Taurus or Gemini (zodiac)
use the word "MAY" somewhere on your card. 

See?!  The possibilities are endless and so much fun!

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