Saturday, 11 June 2016

Long time .... no posting ...

Again I sincerely apologise for my tardiness in not blogging recently.

I really don't know where time goes!  Well, actually, I am a Gemini so in my defense my mind flits from one thing to another ... and I can very easily get distracted!  The amount of projects I have on the go is seriously too big to even start counting

...One day I will finish them...!

I have also had fibromyalgia flare ups and my sleep pattern is seriously bad.  I cannot get to sleep ... sleep badly ... and then I can't wake up properly and find mornings so hard.  Luckily Jonathan is a true saint and does the morning school run with the youngest.  The other three catch the school bus from our gate!

Anyway, I digress (again!) ... I have finished some projects and I will endeavour to show and tell them all!


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